Tim Nguyen


Cosmetology Instructors

Years of Experience

Laura Ochoa*

15 years +

Linda Hernandez*

14 years +

Claudia Arrieta*

5 years +

Victor Munoz*

3 years +

Fabiola Ornelas*

3 years +

* Cosmetology License
^ State Teaching Credential

Esthetics Instructors

Years of Experience

Alicia Reyes*^

40 years +

Araceli Fernandez*

15 years +

Sarah Foss*

5 years +

Elizabeth Rodriguez*

6 years +

Shunashy Jimenez*

5 years +

Nastasia Macdonald*

3 years +

*Esthetics License
^State Teaching Credential

8 Replies to “Faculty & Staff”

  1. How do i apply? I am looking to come in the fall turn of 2019, after i graduate high school.

  2. Hi There, Can I connect with Tim Nguyen for further assistance on questions I have with tuition?

  3. Hello Tim,

    Pleasure talking to you yesterday. Please keep me updated when you get the international student visa paperwork in order. My girlfriend who lives in Costa Rica is very interested in joining your school. Please call or email me when you have everything set up for the visas.

    Matt Bandini


  4. Hi Matt,

    We are now accepting international students.
    Please call us at 310-837-0411 for information.


  5. I am interested in becoming a teacher at this school. I have been a barber and a stylist for 10 years and I am drawn to teaching very much. It is my passion to teach students that want to learn what I know the things that I have spent years focusing on. Please contact me with any information. Thank you.


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